my date with a 23 year old artist

Man on Chair ring

Kyle would never have guessed my age, had he not started ‘our date’ with the issues he is having as the youngest designer at this year’s London Fashion Week.  And I, in turn, would never have imagined that the creations coming from his 24/7 workshop were the output of someone so young.  But then, so much of Kyle goes against the grain.

Originally from Seattle, Kyle lives in his own Foucault-analysed world.  He is utterly fascinated by social institutions, the functionality of sexuality and has an intense interest in animals, plants and geometric shapes. He lives and breathes his philosophies and each of his collections to-date reflects his thought process.  So, you see, he is not a jeweller at all but an artist.

Meeting at his favourite coffee ‘hang out’, Department of Coffee and Social Affairs, allowed me to satisfy my curiosity in this incredibly talented young gun.  Kyle is modest and bashful when I tell him how much I adore his work.  I admired his unerring determination to clarify for me the difference between his work and that of a premium brand jeweller.  But I get it.  He can relax.  The world of Bond Street and Kyle Hopkins can not be compared.  Each of his pieces tells a story of humanity, power or identity, or all three.

Circle People pendant

Society seen through Kyle’s eyes can be worn through his creations.

Check out Kyle Hopkins for his entire collection or dip into Kabiri for a one-click purchase.

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