nature’s botox queen visits London

You might have noticed it’s been a little sunnier in London over the last 5 days?  Yes?  Well, I can explain…

A little bit of sunshine dropped by for the weekend.  In the name of Indie Lee.

Indie Lee and Liz McCarthy outside Soho House after a VERY long lunch...

Indie Lee and Liz McCarthy outside Soho House after a VERY long lunch…

You might remember I interviewed this mistress of natural, organic beauty when I was in Manhattan last October.  Well, Indie (finally) decided to sprinkle some of her beauty magic on our city and so my friends at A Beautiful World (her exclusive stockiest in the UK) threw a brilliantly girlie Saturday lunch to celebrate her presence.

Indie Lee takes the UK by storm

Indie Lee takes the UK by storm

The lunch took place at Soho House, initiating Indie into Blighty with a platter of fish, chips and mushy peas.  And, while we all relished a long lazy lunch, much attention was, of course, given to all things beauty…

squalane face cream

squalane face cream

Around the table we had: Laura Ward-Ongley from Fab Tips, Zoe Lloyd from MissLittleForty, Liz McCarthy (who quite frankly makes this A Beautiful World), Julia Rebaudo from StyloNylon, Indie and me.

I asked Indie what she loves most about our city:

shopping with Liz

history – the city is so rich in history no matter where I turned there was something of historic significance.

press and blogger community – I have been a bit emotional about how receptive the beauty industry has been to both my brand and me.  

weather I left a foot of snow and freezing temperatures.  I haven’t worn a coat the entire time I’ve been here.  Everyone talks about the London weather and rain.  Not really sure what the fuss is about.  It’s been lovely and warm.

fish & chips…. now understand why I had to try them.

Since then I’ve been trialing the 2 latest products in Indie’s collection:  Squalane Facial Cream (£44) and her Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser (£21).

Squalane Facial Cream (£44),  Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser (£21) and Squalane Face Oil

Squalane Facial Cream (£44), Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser (£21) & Squalane Facial Oil (£22)

The cream follows on from her Squalane oil which I’ve already raved about on Life of Y.  Extracted from sustainable farmed olive plants,  the squalane actively improves your skins cellular function. It’s absorbed into the skin and really will  MAKE YOU LOOK YOUNG AGAIN!

The cleanser is gentle as can be, yet luxuriously indulgent.  It leaves your natural oils put while stripping away the grime.

And so – yet again – I am blown away by just how clear and fresh my skin looks when I bother to use Indie’s products.  That’s it… I’m bothering full time from now on…

Both of these products will go on sale on Saturday 1st March on A Beautiful World.





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