needles + more

A friend of a friend.  In truth, a stranger.

This man walks into our home, bearing so much more than a box of needles.

‘So how do you experience… joy?’ he asks me intently.

‘Joy?’ I query, wondering if perhaps he has knocked on the wrong door.

{but images of swimming, laughing, painting do spring to mind.}

And intense calm and pure kindness just radiate from this man.  Everyone in the room starts talking a little slower.  We all feel his peace.

We talk some more.  He wants to know how we all feel.  (How lovely of someone to ask.)

And then the needles, PING strategically into our ears corresponding with those crucial organs – lung, kidney, heart.   Plus one in between the eyes for focus and clarity.  Much needed.

My nervous system  S L O W S  down.  Emotional wellbeing is coming my way.  I can feel it.


Andre Zitcer can be reached on 07514 903035 or

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