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All those who choose to diarise electronically had better look away now.  This post will mean little to you.   I fail to understand how you don’t consider flicking backwards and forwards through paper pages of arrangements and reminders a joy.  I – on the other hand – would rather miss my favourite band play than find myself punching appointments into some soulless electronic device.*

And so it is that time of year that my annual ritual begins: the choosing of next year’s paper bound diary.

Smythson diaries are the ultimate paper luxury

Smythson Soho Diary in calf leather with slide retails at £260

In years gone by, I was spoiled by my late very generous Grandmother.  For my birthday (in October) she would ask me what I would like as a gift.  and I (forever the planner) always requested a Smythson diary.  Initially I had no idea how expensive they were but as she aged (she lived until the ripe old age of 95!), the money was dispatched so that I could choose the colour and size to suit my needs.  The word luxury is summed up perfectly in a Smythson diary but I must admit that, now self-financing, I do find their prices hard to swallow.

PaperThinks diaries

PaperThinks diaries

Around this time last year I spotted a newish brand called PaperThinks in Oliver Bonas.  The bright coloured recycled leather, smooth ivory paper and that crucial right hand side page for notes of their weekly planners reminded me a great deal of my Smythson habit.  I impulse purchased and must admit that it has served me so perfectly I am keen to repeat for 2014.

this year's was green and next year's is blue

this year’s was green and next year’s is blue

this year's diary full of scrawl

this year’s diary full of scrawl

In fact, so delighted was I by new diary experience, I was curious to find out more about Mr and Mrs Yu, the husband and wife team who co-founded PaperThinks. Eco-friendly, quality notebooks without sacrificing style, quality or design were their mission and, seeing as Aron Yu’s family owned a printing company in Hong Kong, they were perfectly poised to achieve this.  And soPaperThinks was born.

Have you bought your 2014 diary yet?  Or are you choosing digital over the magic of paper?


PaperThinks diaries, notebooks and iPad covers (in glorious colours) are sold in Oliver Bonas shops as well as online for £15 but if you purchase before 1st Dec and sign up to their mailing list, you’ll receive £5 off.

* and yes I hear it’s VERY efficient but really…. it can’t be half as much fun…

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