Part 2: Ladies lunching at Workshop Coffee Co

cult coffee at Workshop

cult coffee at Workshop Coffee Co

Yes yes, I know, I’ve been before.  And the rules are that I’m not really allowed to blog the same place twice.  But I’ve made an exception on this occasion based on the following reasons:

1)              I had heard that Workshop’s Marylebone Coffeebar (75 Wigmore Street) is a much cuter version (just 14-seater) than its Clerkenwell bigger brother

2)              Every since I met the founder of new magazine Caffeine, I’ve been craving great coffee (more of which in a future post)

3)              My last visit involved a slight mishap which we really don’t need to go into again

4)              I make the blog rules –  a benefit of being my own boss

5)              Rules are to be broken (just don’t tell the Smalls)

A good girlfriend has left the big smoke for the countryside with her him/smalls in tow.  She OWED me a catch up on her new, muddier life.  We were ladies lunching in a low key way.

We ate sandwiches wedges and tasted some mighty fine BUF CAFE from Rwanda.

sandwiches at Workshop Coffee Co

sandwiches at Workshop Coffee Co

75 Wigmore St, W1

75 Wigmore St, W1





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