Plenish Cleanse: interview with founder Kara Rosen

Kara dropping off our boxes

Kara dropping off our boxes

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West London living but a New Yorker at heart, Kara is a pure advert for her cleanse.  She has legitimate reasons for having turned juices into a business, knows her legumes from her colonics and has the shiniest hair I’ve ever (enviously) seen.  The night before our group cleanse experiment began, she dropped off (at Life of Yablon HQ) our 7 boxes of 18 bottles and we persuaded her to stay for a cup of Pukka detox tea while we quizzed her about our juice marathon.  And then I interviewed her myself:

Kara trying to reassure Adam Nathan - the chef

Kara trying to reassure Adam Nathan – the chef

how often do you cleanse? At least 4 times per year, usually at the change of each season.  If I’m starting to feel run down or a cold coming on, I’ll usually squash it with a day of green juices and Spicy Limonade.

is the feeling post-cleanse addictive? YES! I call it the post-cleanse ‘mojo’. You truly feel like you’ve created a clean slate in your body, and you want to try and ride that clean and lean wave as long as you can. Hopefully, many of your new habits will be ones you’ll continue.

which is your favourite juice? Sweet Sexy Green. It’s my morning mantra. Spicy Limonade is my other favourite afternoon pick-me up.

Plenish instructions.  Basically: DRINK ME!

Plenish instructions. Basically: DRINK ME!

how often do you introduce a new flavour? We’ve only been around for 8 months, so we haven’t yet. Keep your eyes peeled for more flavours soon!

who advised you on your juice ingredients? Living in NYC and LA in the height of the US’s cold pressed juice boom gave me the opportunity to get inspiration from lots of amazing companies. Once I had the general flavours nailed,  I worked with the talented dietician, Romina Pulichino to get the nutritional compositions correct.

where would we find you having some me-time? (ideally somewhere in West London!) Definitely Equinox Kensington.  I drop my daughter at the nursery, which is amazing, take a yoga class and use the spa. It’s heaven.

did you always want your own business? Yes. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and loved the idea of how nimble new business can be without layers of corporate structure. Decisions and strategies can be made and executed swiftly!

where would your last supper be? In New York (my hometown)? Le Bilboquet. In London? Anywhere serving amazing Mexican food. Probably Taqueria in Notting Hill.

social media or dinner party? DINNER party. Hands down. Nothing beats face to face engagement!

have you cleansed anyone famous?  Yes. But we don’t cleanse and tell.

my last Beet Box from Plenish

my last Beet Box from Plenish

what do you love/hate about West London? Love the restaurants, the parks, the shops. The only thing that drives me bonkers is trying to use th my local Notting Hill Gate tube station on weekends. I always feel like a Salmon swimming upstream trying to fight the Portobello road foot traffic.

Which West Londoners do you find inspiring? Stella McCartney. I love that she has kept her animal rights principles and environmental awareness while not sacrificing the quality of her products. Natasha Corrett and Vicki Edgson for creating one of my favorite alkaline cookbooks, Honestly Healthy.

what makes you tired/irritated? Having stay on hold for BT or HSBC

Given a free rein, where would you live in the world? In a white hotel built into the cliffs in Santorini. I’d live on greek salad and leave my entire shoe collection behind.

best book ever? Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr was a game changer. Our Sweet Sexy Green juice was inspired by her journey. To be honest, since starting up PLENISH and becoming a mom happened hand in hand, the only fiction I’ve ready recently is The Hungry Caterpillar. Think about it, it’s a great health message!

For more information about Plenish Cleanse, call 0207 570 0334 



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