all power to the duvet day

We’re all muttering the same thing.  Like a broken Mummy record.

“Such a long term this is!” “If only they weren’t so exhausted!” “these short dark days are getting to us” “… just got to keep going…”

Except that Mini and I decided to call a stop to it all today.  There she was dressed and ready to head out of the front door when I decided to take a closer look at her pale face, watery eyes and red, sore nose.  And there I saw the light: keeping the show on the road isn’t always the way forward.  Because sometimes the horse can simply refuse to jump.

Before I could say ‘pass me the Calpol’, she had run upstairs, whipped off her uniform and was lying on the sofa in a onesie.  And she has hardly moved since.  Only to play with my camera, write a few Christmas cards, sketch a little in her scrapbook and squeeze some prescribed juicy oranges.

Mini and her duvet day

Mini and her duvet day

In my book, these days are called Duvet Days.  Staying at home and doing a little nothing, recharges those running-low batteries and  (hopefully) avoids any lurking sickness.  And it’s forced me to stay put too.  The two of us have caught up on her school stories (with no one to interrupt), sorted out the mess which was her bedroom and even done a little festive online shopping too.  So break the record and give someone you love a Duvet Day this week.

This article first appeared in my Mum About Town column in The Lady Magazine.

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