Richard Brendon's (reflective) teacups

Initially I had thought that my Word Birds would sip their coffee from my Grandmother’s vintage Wedgwood.  But then Richard Brendon got in touch.

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Richard Brendon

Richard Brendon in his workshop

If you haven’t yet heard of Richard, you will do any minute now.  He’s the latest bone china designer to hit Fortnum and Mason, Liberty, Heal’s and – quite frankly – a tea party near you.

mismatched vintage saucers

each cup is paired with an antique saucer

Foodie Friend and I headed down to Kensal Road to meet him at his workshop and, of course, check out his china.  We left with a full set of 14 REFLECT teacups, mismatched kooky antique saucers (all sourced and handpicked by Richard) and a brilliant interview.

where might we find you having a cup of tea? Fortnum and Mason

which cup would you be drinking from? One of my REFLECT teacups with my favourite Derby saucer from 1790.

what inspires your designs? The best elements from the history of British bone china.

highly reflective teacups – in either platinum or gold gilding

highly reflective teacups – in either platinum or gold gilding

how would you describe your taste? Considered, refined, dynamic.

if not bone china, what? I’m passionate about food so if I wasn’t designing bone china I would be involved in the food industry in some way.

what is the BIG dream? To grow the brand globally by collaborating with the leading chefs, hotels and retailers.

what does your REFLECT line really reflect? It reflects the incredible heritage of the British ceramic industry.

is success negotiable? No

all set up for the Word Bird Book Bash

all set up for the Word Bird Book Bash

who would you LOVE to drink from your cups? Kate Middleton

where will you be eating your stuffing on Christmas Day? In Ecuador as I am visiting my sister out there for Christmas – although I’m not sure what food I will be eating!

and party your socks off on New Year’s Eve? On a beach in Ecuador

tell us a bone china secret. Our products are entirely handmade and it takes a team of ten or more highly skilled craftsmen to make each one of our products.

Richard Brendon’s Reflect teacup-and-saucer sets start at £85 

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