SPONSORED POST: a new age of (social) energy

How often have you been stuck next to some bore at a dinner party only to discover your evening just got worse:  he’s told you he’s BIG into clean energy.  I mean, clean/green whatever you want to call it… is something we all feel we should know more about but after half a bottle of wine, it all seems a bit complicated.

But in reality it shouldn’t.  It’s crucial to our planet that we avoid the hideous impact non-renewables have on our environment.

So, to equip myself better in times of social energy situations, I decided to find out the bare (not bore) minimum about the renewable world by pinning down a friend of a friend – Rebecca O’Connor, who is editorial director at Trillon Fund, encouraging those who invest to do so in clean energy.

And this is what I learnt – my top 4 points for you to spout when you next encounter a GREEN giant:

–        wind is already more efficient than gas at producing electricity

–        a wind turbine down the road from you can save you £100s off your next electricity bill

–        insurers love it – the tech is so reliable that actuaries will underwrite 20-year warranties to cover failure. 20-year warranty! Not many forms of technology can boast that…

–        Renewable technology doesn’t have to be hi tech. In developing nations one of the most popular forms is biochar- which is just burnt waste. It fertilises the soil and buries CO2. (oh and we call that ‘super low tech’!)

The evolution of energy consumption through the decades
Be smarter with your consumption and choose the right energy tariff.

This post is sponsored by Ovo Energy. 

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