Sir Stuart Rose: my knight in shining armour?

Ocado men ensure my family eat

Ocado men ensure my family eat

There’s a running joke in our family.  If the Ocado man doesn’t deliver, we will starve to death.  Except that it’s not a joke AT ALL.  I’ve tried to be a mooch-around-the-supermarket type of girl and… well, it just isn’t happening.  The bottom line is that there is too much else I’d rather be doing.


Sister-in- law’s malteser cake

So, understandably, I’ve been a little nervous of my men (in Ocado uniform) leaving me in the lurch.  Certain items are running low (or out) and chit-chat around the top of the range Aga is that times are tough for the food delivery team.  Sister-in-law is fed up of finding no clickable nappies when she logs on and even suggested we moved across to another online grocer.  ‘God forbid’ was all I could utter as I enjoyed her malteser cake (ingredients delivered by you know who).

Sir Stuart Rose in his previous role

Sir Stuart Rose in his previous role

In steps our knight in shining armour:  Sir Stuart Rose.

He of ex-bras and knickers retaildom (he left M&S in late 2010 after a 6 year stint) will now be responsible for my groceries.  And, aged 63, he is indeed no spring chicken.   But any retail analyst (of which I am not despite my shopping habits) would agree that his experience is rich and his strategy will be strong.

And let’s hope so.  Otherwise you’ll find a bunch of skeletons at this end.

For the more sensible business story, read this.



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