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I’m surprised any of us survived the bleak winter of 2012/2013.    Endless dark days with no sign of our hot, yellow friend who used to live up in the sky.  Clearly my lot are gluttons for winter as, last week, we headed out to St Anton for even more snow, winter winds, driving rain/sleet and a little expectation of mountain sun.

But, during the week, I did share my winter beauties around the chalet and here is my don’t-hit-winter-without list:

less beauty more fully functional: sun/lip screen

less beauty more fully functional: sun/lip screen

1.Ultra lip 15 spf £5

2.Ultrasun spf 30 Face £19

3. Never Lose Your Cherry £2.95

Willow in the sauna

Willow in the sauna

 4.Willow Organic Porcelain Face Mask £38

for your thirsty (day) skin

for your thirsty (day) skin


5.Herbalife nourifusion multivitamin moisturiser spf 15 £20.60



for your thirsty (night) skin

 6. Environ Hydrating Oil Capsules from Skin3.

and on the side of the hot tub...

and on the side of the hot tub…


 7. Weleda Arnica Massage Oil £8.56


8.Skin Food’s Shea Butter £9.49



L’Occitane for dry hands

L’Occitane for dry hands

9.L’Occitane dry skin hand cream £8




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