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=Results, 53 Muswell Hill Rd N10

So this is how my head works.  I see a friend in a great pair of jeans and I can’t help myself asking which brand they are.  And then I catch sight of a fabulous cross-body bag worn by a passerby on the other side of the road.  Crossing the road, I’m almost (but not quite as that would be creepy) jogging behind her to try and work out which bag it is…

the gloves are off at =Results, N10

So, it won’t come as a surprise that last week I eye up my friend, working out that she has not only lost weight but toned up considerably since our last cocktail.  What’s her secret?  I’m dying to know.

She’s a sharer so reveals all.  It turns out she’s been doing a lot of sweating at a local (to her) gym called =Results.  It works exactly as it sounds, her efforts have =ed some pretty impressive results.

I was curious enough to head up to Muswell Hill to meet (and sweat with) the founder of =Results, a pretty energetic man called Browne.  A few years ago, while working as a personal trainer in an LA Fitness gym he realised that there was a gap in the market for a time-efficient ultra-effective work-out.  Not only do his clients love his manner and the privacy of a empty gym, but it sounds like they make some serious fitness progress without feeling tied into enormous monthly gym membership payments.

skinnier-toned-friend with Browne giving it some welly

He tells me the sessions only last 30 minutes, cost £25 and that every single one of his clients has a bespoke programme which challenges them to their max. My eyebrows raised, I was skeptical, how many calories can you really burn in a mere 30 minutes?

Browne had me switching machines and weights without so much as a breather.  Skinnier-toned-friend seemed to find the work-out a piece of cake while I was begging to stop.  The pace meant that there was time for each and every one of my muscles to burn  and, of course, there was less opportunity for tongue-wagging than my regular work-out.  Crawling back to the car, I acknowledged that a regular session with Browne probably would equal some pretty dramatic results. Oh and the 30 minutes feels a lot longer than it sounds.

Browne owns and runs 2  =Results gyms: 

53 Muswell Hill Road N10 & 181 Priory Road Muswell Hill N8

call 07793 600213 or email:


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