the BubbleBum generation

Scanning the BubbleBum press release, I felt like one of the entrepreneurs in BBC2’s Dragons’ Den.  A car booster seat in a bag.  Inflatable, portable, foldable.  I felt an urge to question who this quirky, innovative seat was aimed at, how it would be distributed and want to know more about their 2013 projected sales.

our BubbleBums – photo styled and directed by Mini

But something clearly appealed to me.  I think it might have been memories of hauling two heavy, cumbersome booster seats in a splitting plastic carrier through the airport last Christmas.  Or maybe it was the time we managed to leave the boosters in the overhead locker – only to remember once we had exited the airport.

Either way, I was intrigued enough to agree to review the BubbleBum car booster seats on our trip to Ibiza.  Our rental car was booked and, as usual, we couldn’t quite swallow the cost of hiring the Smalls’ booster seats.  And there was no need, with the BubbleBum packs very neatly (deflated, obviously) packed into the top of our suitcase.

Easy to inflate (only a few puffs) and to attach to the rear seat belts, we were off and away in our little Seat Ibiza within minutes.  Feedback from the back was that the seats were comfortable and not as ‘squishy’ as they sound.

Now packed away in the stretchy purple bag ready to return home, I thought I might keep the seats in the boot of our car until the next holiday.  Narrower than regular booster seats, they will come in handy when ferrying around any additional Smalls to school, ballet, football, swimming…

BubbleBum – the portable child’s car booster seat – costs £29.99

Click here to buy it from our friends at Amazon.




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