The Casual Vacancy: JK Rowling enters the real world

The Casual Vacancy went on sale today

At last JK Rowling has given up on the wizards.  Personally, I’m not big into magic, elves and wizards.  But I am into petty politics whizzing around an idyllic English village so Rowling may have – at last – written a novel for me.

I hear (via our friends ie the real journalists) that our home-grown, multi-millionaire, rags-to-riches novelist is feeling apprehensive due to the initial muted response of, what is, her first adult book.  But then, if her preorders of more than two million are anything to go by, I am sure the book will, at least initially, make top ten lists.

I, for one, am about to get stuck in.

The Casual Vacancy – on sale on Amazon for only £9 (hardback – or £11.99 for  the Kindle version)

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