the joy of parenting?

‘Tis the time of year.  Yes, of course, to be merry.  But also to play 24/7 happy families.  It’s almost as if the roast parsnips and sticky pudding come at a price and we are now in the thick of it: the extreme parenting season of Christmas.

the Smalls lead the way..

the Smalls lead the way..

Of course, no one doubts the love we have for our offspring. And the lady at the supermarket checkout informs us that they are divine (well, they look it to HER). But the challenge of discipline for the Under10s team can be tricky now that the bribe of the Fat Man In Red has come and gone.

And then there’s the ‘Dad says it’s ok’ gag.  Or ‘But you promised’.  Small sometimes adds: ‘Hey, I’ll even read a WHOLE book’.  The trading commences.  I’ll let you do this if you then do that….  Ridiculous as it sounds, the deal even seems sane to those deaf parent ears.

Health and Safety is my cut off point.  If it appears remotely dangerous to me, it’s a definite NO.  Whatever Dad has said.  But then I did pack a course of antibiotics so shivering in a pool doesn’t apply.

Share, swap, stop it….shhhhhh!  The noise is deafening and bedtime a distant dream.

There’s no escaping it.  We should just embrace the festivities and the resulting electronic/sugar rush.  And relinquish all control.  The last mince pie will always be theirs.

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