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Colourful war paint is bold, powerful and attention grabbing. But experimenting with a little splash here and there (in a non-80s way) is a brilliant way to rock one of this season’s make-up looks.


colourful make up

I morphed myself into a magpie and went in search of a small injection of vibrant face drama.

And this is what I found:

  1. Posh Palette £5.99
  2. Teal malachite goddess pencil £17
  3. Daffodil Delight nail polish £2.99
  4. Pink My Ride £3.50
  5. Eternity Longlasting eye liner £9
  6. Jewel eye crayon £3.99
  7. Posh pout moisturizing lip balm £2.99
  8. Kabuki Crush Brush £6

I haven’t (yet) applied it all simultaneously.  But might… just to get the #flashback Kajagoogoo look…

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