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This is not a religious post.  You’re more likely to read my stream of consciousness than ever find pious revelations on this blog.  But tomorrow is a holy day for Jews all over the world and, while I don’t fast nor spend my day in a synagogue, it is (for me) a day to stop and remember.

Other than repenting, the day focuses on remembering those who have passed.  And I take great comfort in that.  Grandparents I knew so well and not so well, a best friend’s mother, a sister and all those who have been and gone to make this world a better place.

the bubbly Irishman, Terry Wogan

A regular listener to previously aired  Desert Island Discs, this morning’s interviewee was none other than the rambling, bubbly Irishman Mr Terry Wogan. Rather profoundly, I thought, he explained that despite having been raised by Jesuits, he was not religious at all.  However, when Kirsty Young probed about how he coped with the sad death of one of his children at a very early age, he said this:

Really there is no point to this world if we can’t remember those we loved who have passed.

Rather beautiful I thought.



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