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Initially, when I found out that Mini-Me and Small had different half terms, I was not amused.  Working mother or not, a two-week half term just isn’t efficient, especially with the long extended summer break on the horizon.  But, actually, in its favour, it will mean spending some quality one-on-one time with the little people.  Yesterday Mini-Me and I headed to the recently launched ‘Universe of Sound’, a massive digital installation at the Science Museum.

Universe of Sound at The Science Museum

This hi-definition interactive experience uses giant screens, as well as unconventional projecting surfaces, allowing visitors to enjoy a ‘virtual’ 105 piece Philharmonia Orchestra perform Gustav Holst’s The Planets.  Using wonderfully clever digital technology, Mini-Me tried her hand at conducting before learning how to add percussion to this famous piece of classical music.  As she walked from room to room (there are 10 in total), she delighted in finding the different sections of the orchestra.  It was a curious and exciting feeling to be so close to all those musicians and their instruments – a brilliant mix of art, science, technology and experimental music.

 Universe of Sound will be showcased at The Science Museum until 8th July 2012

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