Udvartana Detoxing Powder Massage

Udvartana Detoxing Powder Massage at Jivita Aurveda

The Blurb:

From the street, Jivita Aurveda looks like just another health food shop. These niche shops, stocking more spelt and coconut water than you could ever imagine consuming, have come a long way from Holland and Barrett days of old and seem to be the latest addition on every high street. But don’t be fooled. Anu, the founder and yoga-passionista, offers so much more than healthy food; with two organically designed treatment rooms in the back and endless sound advice how to embrace the Ayurvedic lifestyle (food, herbs, bodycare, beauty products, etc).

The Process:

I was quite relieved that the PR had suggested the treatment I was to have. Choosing from the long list of Indian names might have confused me and, this way, I sailed straight into the dimly lit, warm and inviting treatment room. Anu rubbed (pretty vigorously) warm oil mixed with detoxifiying herbs all over my body, massaging in a sweeping motion. She explained how this signature treatment boosts blood flow, drains toxins and that (this I could believe) is an efficient exfoliation of the skin. Apparently it is also a wonderful way of attacking cellulite as it stimulates and breaks up the fat.

I felt zingy and alert while also curiously relaxed, but maybe that was from just being in Anu’s yogic company. Showering off the herbs in the very attractive wet room, I felt cleansed in a way a regular massage could never leave you.

The Result:

As I left this centre of organic living, Anu suggested I took a bottle of Aloe Vera with me. With its nourishing skin and digestion properties, she felt this would be appropriate for me. This shows that Anu is so much more than a regular therapist, as she can not help herself but prescribe beneficial herbs, vitamins and products.

£75 for one hour.

Jivita Ayurveda  89 Chamberlayne Road, Kensal Rise,London NW10; 020 8964 4993

this article appeared on West London Living

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