Wahanda – where your wax can be secret

There was a time when I lived and breathed the beauty world.  But let me be clear.  It wasn’t a life of luxury pampering, thick creams and fluffy white towels.  Taking beauty online in the form of Return to Glory was a great deal harder work than I had anticipated.  And while it has been fun to watch the industry grow since I jumped ship, I was particularly impressed to see Lopo Champalimaud and his team at Wahanda, the health and wellness directory, recently launch an online booking system – just in time for the party season!

where waxing can be booked discreetly

Recently in the car with Lord Y, my favourite waxing salon returned my call.  ‘Hello, please could you book me in for a full leg wax and extended bikini?’ The line was bad and I had to repeat my request another couple of times before the appointment was confirmed… much to my father’s amusement.  How many times have you sat in an office, amidst male colleagues, and tried to casually book a beauty treatment.  Now, all the waxes, tints and lifts are at your finger tips without even having to pick up the phone.

I caught up with the Wahanda man, Lopo, to find out what keeps him sane as he takes us into a pretty impressive online beauty world:

How do you unwind after work? I find physical exercise really helps me unwind, I like tennis or to go for a run. To totally switch off I watch Homeland, I am addicted, it’s so engrossing.

Lopo Champalimaud, CEO, Wahanda

Where would you escape to? Connecticut.  It is beautiful all year round and the Eastern Seaboard in the autumn is stunning. Africa is always interesting, so varied and vast.  And I love skiing, it is the combination of mountain air, alpine food, exercise and adrenalin.

What was the last film you saw? Untouchable.  I thought it was very poignant and thought provoking.

What’s the best advice you have ever been given? Be confident and self-assured.

What’s your biggest extravagance? I have a personal trainer.

Where is the current best place for a massage in London? Metta – it the best Thai Massage I have had outside of Thailand

Who’s your hero? I have people that I admire for their achievements but I don’t think anyone should be put on a pedestal.

What makes an online business a success? Great people combined with a ton of hard work.

Facebook or twitter? Twitter – instant, timely communication

striped navy scarf £59 from Oliver Spencer

Social media or pub? Pub – the only way to spend time socialising face to face

Where do you buy your clothes? Trunk Clothing and Oliver Spencer

Beach or alps? Alps

Work/life balance tips? Timetable in regular exercise

What drives you mad? Laziness

Tell us a secret about Wahanda?  Each member of the team is given a voucher each month to enjoy treatments and there is no set holiday allowance.



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