a cut above?

These days, eating red meat is a rare treat for me.  He and I used to treat ourselves to a steak every week before I became fully aware of health issues associated with consuming too much of the bloodied almost-living piece of animal.  And so, when I do eat meat, my animal instincts hunt down the best in quality and I savour every mouthful.

Half starved, in preparation for our feast, I arrived at 45 Park Lane with a suitably glamorous girlfriend.  She and I are relatively new friends.  In this hectic world, we never have enough time to see our oldest and dearest friends, and so it always surprises me when I make a new friend. Nevertheless she and I seem to have an insatiable desire to chew over common interests and as the Dorchester Collection’s quite recently launched Cut was very much on her food radar, my plus-one choice was easy.

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