Abigail James: rumours of her healing hands

The Blurb:

I find women are divided into those who have regular facials and those who don’t. I don’t. The reason for this, is that nothing is worse than a disappointing facial. I tend to feel irritated – mostly about all those things I can’t get done while lying under an electric blanket. However, having heard rumours of healing hands, authoritative skin analysis and outstanding results, I made time for the holistic facialist, Abigail James, and braved the pouring rain to head down to the new Lomax on the Fulham Road.

The Process:

Padding over to me in her beautifully pedicured bare feet, Abigail was already analysing my problem skin and, as she asked stress-level questions, I realised my damp clothes, constantly buzzing blackberry and tense shoulders were already bothering me less. She is a natural beauty, anti-stress aficionado and practices all that she preaches with her hands and in her manner, simultaneously.

It turns out that her hands are as powerful as her reputation indicates. My treatment incorporated her trade-marked skin manipulation techniques, which involve rhythmical massaging, craniosacral therapy and a general stimulation of the facial muscles. Although I could have immediately relaxed, I was more interested in her aim to increase my circulation. Before long, I gave up asking technical questions and allowed the tension to melt away (although I did discover that she isn’t wedded to any one product line – she dips in and out of various organic ranges, but feels most aligned with Dr Alkaitis’ soothing and replenishing potions).

I must just elaborate further on Abigail’s personality, as this is key to her facial. Despite oozing calmness, she is a little strict. My forehead was showing signs of dehydration and my fingers clearly find it hard to leave a blemish alone. Instructions and much-needed advice were given for a new regime going forward and, in honesty, I have dared not disobey.

The Result:

Reluctant to part company with this facial goddess, I struggled to drag myself off her warm bed.  And glancing in the mirror, my skin looked fresh, clear and plump.  Outside the rain had stopped and there was even a glimpse of sun breaking through the grey clouds.

From £100 for one-hour facial.

www.abigailjames.com or Lomax Chelsea 0871 512 0770


this article appeared on West London Living.
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