dangerous vitamin D deficiency

We don’t need to be BBC weatherman, Michael Fish to know that there has been a lack of sunshine this Spring.  But this hasn’t just meant a rise in umbrella sales, something more serious is going down.  So, I grabbed my brolly yesterday and ran off to meet the nutrition guru, Dr Marilyn Glenville, to understand just how a vitamin D deficiency can affect us all.

Most vitamin D is synthesized by the absorption of sunlight through the skin.  So without our hot burning friend in the sky, our bone health and immune system are at risk.  Dr Glenville also clarified that vitamin D can play a major role in helping with conditions such as heart disease, allergies, depression and, most interestingly, autism too.

As I listened and questioned, I became curious.  Keen to know whether I was one of the 50% of the UK currently deficient, Dr Glenville sent me away with a home prick test.  My test results will tell me exactly which supplement or dose I should take.  You can buy a test here or call 0845 880 0915 for some advice.

Meanwhile, the sun came out this morning.

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