dial-up denim

We are all only too aware that our mood, weight and an efficient sales assistant are all we need to be in perfect alignment when jean shopping.  If one of these three variables is out of sync, we will without doubt walk away empty handed, and maybe even furiously disappointed. So, when I was asked to review San Francisco business consultant, Wendy Montgomery‘s newish business, The Raw Denim Bar with its recently launched Denim Concierge Service, I was curious to discover just how this home delivery jean shopping service works.

Alexa Chung in double denim

Despite living in a denim-dominated world, where most of us rarely wear anything other than the hard-wearing cult fabric, I have never been asked to fill in a detailed denim questionnaire. But filling it in online was fun: would I see Kate Moss or Alexa Chung as my fashion icon? Which city in the world reflects my personal style?

To find out if the jeans were a good fit, read West London Living.

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