where DID you buy that?

There are two camps: those who tell and those who don’t.  And the time has come for me to ‘out’ those who don’t.  Let’s start with the glamorous yummy mummy at the school gates.  Commenting on how fabulous her new hair cut/blow dry looked, I nosily asked where she gets her hair done.  Simply ‘in town’ was her closeted response, therefore abruptly ending my questions and our conversation.  Did she think I wanted to copy her hair cut?  Steal her hairdresser? Or worse still, discover that her hairdresser wasn’t actually one of the big names?

Roberto Cavalli one-shoulder dress

Then there was the one-shoulder silk jersey red cocktail dress a friend of a friend was wearing at a dinner last year.  Again, complimenting her, I politely enquired if the dress was by the famous designer, Roberto Cavalli?  Willing her in my head to either say ‘yes, it is – well spotted!’ or ‘no, it’s actually last year’s Reiss but isn’t it similar to Roberto’s?”, but instead she blushed and feigned memory loss:  ‘do you know I just can’t remember where on earth I bought it’.  Come on; everyone remembers where they buy their clothes from and, for those with alzheimer’s, just take a look at the label inside the garment.

In the other camp are those who can’t wait to spill the beans.  Friends who only call to tell you what they have just bought, where from and how much.  Let’s call them the ‘sharing shoppers’.  I had one of these to stay this weekend.  Glancing at her blemish-free, even skin – I immediately realised she knew something I didn’t.  Her secret is Garnier’s Nutri Miracle Perfector.  And I am sharing it with you.



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