Fruveju: Juicing MY way

3 weeks post op and a BIG weekend in NYC on the horizon, I was desperately seeking a boost of energy, vitamins, minerals…. oh and a clearer skin wouldn’t have gone a miss.

That was when Fruveji, the lastest juicers in town, got in touch via instagram.

Fruveju, MY way...

Fruveju, MY way…

My last attempt at a cleanse had shown me that these juice fasts aren’t for the fool hearted nor for the perpetually hungry. This time I was keen to devise my own juice strategy.

Watermelime (watermelon & lime) from Fruveju

Watermelime (watermelon & lime) from Fruveju

So here were MY rules for yesterday:

–       one day only

–       snack on fruit/yoghurt/nuts/raisons whenever I felt hungry

–       share the last couple of juices with Him over a big salad that night

–       lots of green tea plus a mid-morning espresso

And so of course the day was easy, pleasurable and yet I filled myself to the brim with cold-pressed fruit and vegetable drinks.

I didn’t obsess about not eating because I was the one in charge, NOT the juices. As a result I now feel semi-cleansed, a little virtuous, vitamin-crammed and ready to jump head first into the real BIG APPLE.

A huge thank you to Fruveju for my day-boost (£70) of 6 bottles of deliciousness.  

check out their current 30% off discount offer + free shipping in London using coupon code FRUVEJUYEAH or call 020 8265 2000  

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