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Tonight I want to chat about knickers.  Pants.  Undies.  Whatever it is you call those undergarments under our layers of Winter togs.  Now, if your underwear drawer is anything like mine, you spend a good 3 minutes each morning digging deep for that pair that DON’T itch/scratch/give you an almighty wedgie but instead make you feel happy/attractive/dressed.   The only issue is THAT pair you are desperately looking for are no longer a pretty pale pink nude colour – no, they are now a shade of murkiness and – even worse – they’re slightly visible each time you bend down to do up your boots.

Sigh.  The minefield that is Good Lingerie.

So I bring great news for you all (those readers who are female at least).  On my travels in the land of Victoria Secret and American Apparel, I made a discovery that even Christopher Columbus would have been impressed by.  That leisure wear company I love to hate, namely Lululemon, sells good pants.  Not only are they light, ultra comfy and totally seemless, they come in fabulous colours which not even I could turn grey … and, needless to say,  they are fabulous for chafe-free running if you are that way inclined.

one box of Light as Air knickers

one box of Light as Air knickers

But at first I laughed in the face of these little boxes of seamless knicker technology.  I mean, who would pay more than £10 for a pair of pants – especially if they’re not even sold in a fancy, sexy lingerie department?

Then I looked closer.  Silky soft fabric, a cotton gusset (hate the word but can’t avoid) and they come in thong and hipster varieties….  So, I conceded to try one pair.  For research purposes.

Within a couple of days, I was back.  I am now the proud owner of 3 pairs.  Knickers have NEVER been so invisible.  I reckon it’s the equivalent of going commando for the over 40s….

Lululemon’s Light as Air Hipster cost £18 over here in the UK (but $18 if you take the trip) and the thong is £15 

NOT my behind but someone else's - modelling the Light as Air Lululemon undies...

NOT my behind but someone else’s – modelling the hipster Light as Air Lululemon undies…


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