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Are you a home peeker? I mean, do you love sneaking-a-peek inside people’s homes? Just a crack in the curtain, a slightly open window or delving inside those glossie mags?

Made.com Piggy Bag Or are you the type to delight in viewing a property on the market… simply to see what lies inside those brick walls?

Actually, I’m not sure why I’m asking as I KNOW you do. Made.com –Brent Hoberman’s online designer furniture shop – has just informed me that a whopping one in 20 of us have even gone as far as to use binoculars or a camera to see inside a neighbour’s house!

Made.com Piggy Bag But that moment of glee – when the recent renovated offers us a full home tour – is now going to be common place as Made.com has jumped on this fettish of ours. Just last week the furniture retailer launch a massive keyhole called MADE UNBOXED – their very own social furniture network!

Made.com Piggy Bag You can search for other MADE.com shoppers who live near you (or further afield) to see what they have bought, and then see how they have used specific pieces in their home.

Go on. Take a peek.

The MASSIVE union jack piggy bag is sold here from Made.com for a bargain £59… and is a firm favourite inside our house as well as outside in the garden.



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