I gallop along to The Riding House Cafe

There has been a great deal of build up to my visit to Riding House Café.  Email correspondence between the PRs and I has even been fraught due to miscommunication (as is often the case with techy-chat) and  then, last Saturday night, everyone’s plans were scuppered by the cold fluffy stuff.  Finally, today, I took long awaited elevenses with my writer friend, at the modern all-day brasserie tucked away behind Oxford Street.

I have always found elevenses to be a much under-rated mini meal.  Eating breakfast at 7am leaves a serious five or six hours before lunch and I often need a little something to bridge the gap.  The writer friend and I both work at home and so were craving a reason to take a break from fluffy slippers, big jumpers and our laptops.


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