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Victoria Wood with her cuppa

Victoria Wood with her cuppa

This week Victoria Wood has the kettle on.  In a 2-part trawl through the history of the nation’s default hot drink (Victoria Wood’s Nice Cup of Tea (Wed & Thurs, BBC1, 9pm), the comedian takes a closer look at why and how tea has become so integral to our daily routine in the UK.

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And I too have been particularly tea-focused over the last couple of weeks.  Because, although I’ve reviewed Green Boar tea in the past, I’ve never really dug deep into top grade tea blooms nor searched for the best quality tea leaves.

my boden tea pot

my boden tea pot

So when – in a space of week – I encountered two companies who pretty much are able to cater to your every (tea) need, I realised it was indeed time for tea.  Gratefully receiving the most subtle, exotic yet fragrant and rich teas from a couple of the leading online tea retailers, I promptly popped that kettle on too.

In fact, it was then that I started to understand just how much more there is to our nation’s favourite drink.

If I had to single one out, it would be the Dragon Eye Silver Needle Green Tea from The Tea Experience.  Made with jasmine flowers, calendula and red amaranth, I’d say that this is as lady-like as I get.  It’s light, floral and utterly refreshing.

brewing away

brewing and blending is now my cup of tea

Silver Lantern Tea challenge you to blend away.  No special equipment is needed in for this tea blendology… just a warmed pot and some eagerness to find out which flavours might work together.  I picked out Milima, a rich, black Kenyan and added a fragrant Rose bud or two.  It was curiously fun.

And as I pulled together my tea research, I read that 53 per cent of us Brits rely on a traditional cup of daily tea (predominantly at 8am!). So I am wondering whether the time has come for us to try a new (perhaps less traditional?) cup of tea as we feel the thirst kick in?

For more information about The Tea Experience, click here.

For more information about Silver Lantern Tea, click here.



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