Margaret Dabbs and British feet

feet potions

foot potions

Having a wife as a blogger can’t be easy.  I mean, why would you want those you know (and don’t know) to read about how your feet desperately need a medical pedicure?  Especially as men don’t like to share pedicure stories in the way that women just can’t WAIT to name drop the latest nail bar, polish colour or exfoliating foot scrub.

In reality, His feet aren’t THAT bad at all.  But he does occasionally complain about the hard skin on his heels (a real runner, you see) and if it isn’t removed, it can crack and almost ruin a beach holiday.

So, the loving (blogger) wife asked Margaret Dabbs and her medical podiatrist team to fix him as part of his valentine gift.  That was easy.  But wasn’t easy was finding a time in his busy-busy working-man-in-office schedule to fit in this appointment.  In the end, I gave up and took the appointment myself.

my oxygen machine

my oxygen machine


high on O2 at Margaret Dabbs

On Tuesday morning I headed down to Margaret Dabbs Foot Clinic on New Cavendish Street  for a foot massage with oxygen.  I should be more specific:  I was hooked up to an oxygen machine, lay back and thought of England while my feet were kneaded and pummeled.  Seriously nice.

What I did learn (as I feasted on the oxygen) is that more than 35% of Margaret’s regular clients are male.  The surgical attitude combined with the privacy of the treatment (in separate rooms) make our men feel comfortable enough to bear their corns.  And the other amazing fact is that as a nation, we are just terrible at looking after our feet.  The Frogs, Aussies and Yanks – for the most part – have beautifully healthy feet and visit chiropody clinics on a regular basis.  We Brits, on the other hand, tend to trot around with neglected hooves.

a blissful foot massage by Angela at Margaret Dabbs

a blissful foot massage by Angela at Margaret Dabbs

Glance at your feet and if you think, like Him, they might benefit from some painless medical attention, squeeze in a visit to Margaret Dabbs.

My foot massage with oxygen revitalisation would have cost £40







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