Neom LOVE candle

Generally, I say no to candles.  I should clarify: I say no to reviewing candles when approached by the PRs.  (I NEVER say no to receiving a candle as they are one of the best gifts ever and I certainly don’t have any fear of fire).

The reason I decline is based on the simple fact that I can’t sit here writing about how a candle smells.  Nor how it burns or how relaxed/sick I felt as I inhaled the latest in wax aromatherapy.  No I can’t.  I feel it would be an awful waste of life.

the Limited Edition Neom LOVE candle

the Limited Edition Neom LOVE candle

However… this time I said yes.

Neom and its luxury organic burners really are the best of the flamers. Made only using vegetable and ultra pure essential oils (none of those synthetic fragrances in these beauties), their candles are causing quite a stir in, what is, a pretty saturated market.

the packaging makes it EVEN more special as a gift

the packaging makes it EVEN more special as a gift

So, while the beauty and fashion editors are raving about this home/beauty/ lifestyle brand, I consented to gratefully receive their new Limited Edition LOVE candle.  I justified my decision by pre-empting  that we could do with a little extra lurve this month.  Scented with tuberose, mimosa & jasmine, the lit candle is floral and sweet but – balanced out by the spice – it really is a very good smell.

It has 3 wicks and burns for 50 hours.  And so it should for £42.

What a great way to start our love month.  Light the candle and smoooooch a little.



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