Nina at Fred Segal

PING. Have you been to Fred Segal yet? And if not, why not?

PING. I hope you can go alone?

PING. Ok well it’s better to go with family in tow than not to go at all…

Fred Segal Broadway

These were my instructions. Someone was on my case. She knew how much I would love this iconic shopping destination, which first opened its doors in 1960. And I didn’t even make it to the main emporium downtown but Santa Monica’s hip fashion and beauty brand emporium certainly didn’t disappoint.

Upon entering, we quickly split into a boys and girls team. Mini and I rushed off with the proverbial clock ticking loudly in our ears.


She’s a total magpie so was drawn to the semi-precious stones in the Nina at Segal boutique and immediately worked out we could make our own friendship bracelets.

nina at fred segal

I needed little persuasion. So much choice, zillions of pretty jewel stones and charms and clasps and leather strings.

nina at fred segal

Mini chose jade and jasper for hers with a silver clasp and I opted for amethyst with gold.

nina at fred segal

nina at fred segal

The prices are surprisingly reasonable (anything bespoke usually hikes up the cost) but we skipped away with our new wrist candy for less than $60 dollars. And of course the best of friends.


He bought a plaid shirt by a new brand called Faherty.

He bought a plaid shirt by a new brand called Faherty.

 Fred Segal 420 Broadway Santa Monica




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