Noise on noise off

There’s no getting away from it: the summer holidays are noisy.  Recently a working mum confessed to me that the long summer holidays were a MAJOR reason for her full time working.  Away from home.  In a nice, quiet, controlled office environment.  And I admire her for admitting that the endless weeks of noise can be more than a little daunting, even for the more patient parents amongst us (of which I am NOT!).

Meanwhile I have worked out that there are good and bad noises.

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Here is my list of bad noises:

  1. SCREAMING from upstairs followed by: Mummy, there’s lots of blood!
  2. Gushing water through ceiling amidst giggles
  3. Slamming doors interspersed with ‘this is MY bedroom’
  4. I’m hungry I’m bored I’m hungry I’m bored (repeated x100)

I think you get the idea.  These are all bad, go-away, isn’t-it-the-Autumn-term-yet noises.

Then there are good noises.  And while they are of course still noise and absolutely wouldn’t exist on my perfect desert island, they can be accepted as Small-living-noises.

We had a Ukulele delivered last week.

We had a Ukulele delivered last week.

We had a Ukulele delivered last week.  Musicroom was keen to see what my Smalls would make of it.  It comes with a book so that they can teach themselves the notes (without me getting too involved) and it’s been a big hit.  Together with the recorder (which Small has lost – not sure how we will explain this to his teacher next term when pretending we have practiced a lot over the summer) and the piano, there is talk of a band.  Initial band practice hasn’t been the best noise I have ever heard but at least – so far – it hasn’t led to a trip to A&E…

COMPETITION: Musicroom – the UK’s largest music retailer – has given me 3 of these very attractive ukuleles (£19.99 each) to give away to anyone looking to create some noise.  All you have to do is to enter this competition is sign up to my blog (top right of homepage) and  follow me on Twitter. The 3 lucky winners will be selected randomly on Wednesday 28th August 2013.

one band member

one band member


... and the other

… and the other


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