Pizzeria Yabloni in collaboration with Homebase

The conversation went a little like this:

Homebase would love you to cook something using their great selection of baking equipment.’

‘I’m not sure you’ve chosen the right blogger for that task’

‘But it can be anything you like.  Just cook.  Anything.’

‘Oh ok.’

PANIC.  GOOGLE.  MORE PANIC.Homebase baking equipment

And then, just as I was doing my Ocado order, I saw something which I knew would be effortless, foolproof and perhaps even delicious.  You see, Northern Dough Company sell perfect pizza dough with all the hard work done.  All I had to do was roll out and top.  Into the basket went:  grated mozzarella, fresh mozzarella balls, olives, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and Dayleford organic passata.

Together with Homebase’s Prestige pizza tray and cutter, I was set.

Homebase baking equipment

Homebase baking equipment

Her’s: pre cook

Homebase baking equipment

With Small fingers in every bowl, we made 2 12inch (roughly) pizzas.  Her’s was margarita-esque.  His had to be different.

Homebase baking equipment

Prestige pizza cutter from Homebase

Popped into a stonkingly hot oven for 10 minutes, Pizzeria Yabloni served some pretty happy little customers that evening.  Ones which I know for sure will be back for more.

This post was written in collaboration with Homebase.

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