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In the cupboard under the stairs, along with my live-in hairdresser and those minions who pick the lego off the floor, lives my very own dedicated juice man.  He rises before dawn to cold-press a non-sugary* green juice for me to gulp down before hitting the school run.  In. My. Dreams.

Wouldn’t that be just ideal?  None of the faff and ALL of that goodness.


Instead the closest I can get to this dream is to drop by 108 Marylebone Lane‘s pop up Juicery en route to Mini and mate’s cooking (review) lesson at Divertimenti.

Mini and Mate sniff at lime, mint and spinach

Mini and Mate sniff at lime, mint and spinach

The underage juicers sniffed at the menu before requesting their very own HIGH sugar blend:  pineapple/mango/orange/apple (£5)

their juice blend with…. BISCUITS!

their juice blend with…. BISCUITS!

I plumped for all the greenness I could get:  Amelia Freer’s Glowing Green Smoothie. (£7)

my greenness contains:

my greenness contains: cucumber, avocado, apple, chia seeds, kale, super greens powder and Jax Coco Water

Freer, Boy George’s dietician, has been enlisted to create drinks for the menu of this pop-up juice bar at restaurant 108 Marylebone Lane.  All ingredients are seasonal and sourced locally.

The pop-up juice bar will be open until January 31.  Meanwhile I’m clearing out that cupboard under the stairs.  Just in case…

* I’m currently in a battle against sugar.  Keep posted to see who wins.  Me or IT.

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