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Life of Yablon Brighton

Spontaneity is properly lacking from our lives.   Most of us motor on in our daily routines and it feels that even a trip to the post office needs to be meticulously planned.

I suppose, as parents of the under 10 brigade, we often lack the opportunity. As a self-confessed obsessive plan-hatcher, I fully admit that life never seems more more than a SCHEDULED adventure.

Life of Yablon Brighton

So when He asked if we should potentially jump on a train to meet some of his friends in Brighton for lunch. And an afternoon on the beach.

I grabbed the bait. And ran with it.

Life of Yablon Brighton

Initially the Smalls were surprised. Really? They immediately retorted. But where will we sleep the night?

There was no plan and I suppose it unnerved them in their rigid routine.

(Actually the only plan was NOT to stay the night. A hotel bill and any quantity of dull packing would only ruin the spontaneity vibe.)

Life of Yablon Brighton

A midday train.

Fish/Chips at Lucky Beach. (completely & utterly recommend)

Some Brighton Pier action.

Ice cream all round.

A little beach life.

Home by 9pm; cheese on toast before bed.


Life of Yablon Brighton

Life of Yablon Brighton

Life of Yablon Brighton

unhatch those plans, my friends. It could just be the way forward.

Life of Yablon Brighton


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