Pret A Diner: Beautiful sushi, beautiful cocktails, beautiful people

the vision that is Pret A Diner

Bear with me.  I’m not trying to make you jealous.  But last night blew me away.

The Pret A Diner preview night at The Royal Academy was always going to be more than a little rockin’ but what He and I found at The Senate Rooms (6 Burlington Gardens) is well worth a visit.

As London’s first pop-up members club, Pret A Diner had a real show going on. To spread the word for the next 2 months, beautiful people had been invited to partake in a social drinking and dining extravaganza with Michelin starred dishes and innovative cocktails.

creative Michelin starred sushi

Renowned mixologists from across Europe were centre stage so that the poshest of party animals could sample and appreciate glorious cocktails as they devoured the most incredible sushi and swayed to Maxology’s bohemian tunes.

Maxology on the decks

And the team behind this vision is the conceptual neon artist, Olivia Steele and KP Kofler of Kofler & Kompanie (pictured below).

Olivia Steele and KP Kofler



For those wishing to be blown away, sign up here for (free) membership and once approved, book yourself in.

PRET A DINER presents: The Burlington Social Club, Pop-Up Private Members Club

The Royal Academy, 6 Burlington Gardens

September 13 – November 17 2012

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