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I’ve never been very good at resisting.  A good strong coffee, the last chocolate in the box, that perfect pair of winter boots, yet another hardback book  and… now I can add a LUX cashmere jumper to my want/need list.  Girls, without doing Uniqlo a disservice (as sometimes you do just need the same jumper in 4 different colours), I now realise that there is cashmere and then there is cashmere.

the chosen one from Chinti + Parker

the chosen one from Chinti + Parker:  STARS £349

I first pulled a Chinti + Parker jumper over my head in the Primrose Hill boutique, Anna, when I was picking out clothes for the Grazia shoot.  And now Anna’s exclusive STAR is my favourite jumper on this planet.  Except the only problem is it isn’t quite mine. Yet.  You see, it’s still on Anna’s shop floor.  Infact, I want it to be mine so much that I’ve decided to interview Anna Singh, one of Chinti + Parker’s founders, simply as a way of getting a little closer to my chosen, chic (yet unpurchased) knitwear.

Anna Singh, one of the founders of Chinti + Parker

Anna Singh, one of the founders of Chinti + Parker

How would your friends describe you? Hardworking, creative and bossy.

Who or what inspires the Chinti + Parker designs? Anything and everything; we love a bit of ‘boy chic’, so we often look to menswear and, of course, the eternally chic French.

How ethical is ethical? Where and how our materials are produced is a core consideration and was our starting point as a brand. The aesthetic application came second, though it’s the balance of the two that’s crucial – if clothes aren’t desirable, then shining ethical credentials become moot.

Why fashion and not another form of art? Is fashion art? I’d counter that it’s an applied art, the vehicle for which is functional clothing, something that we embrace and respect.

boy chic

boy chic and terribly french…

How do you escape? I love to go to Dorset for the weekend, I grew up there and it still feels like home.

Which is your favourite jumper? It changes…right now, I’m wearing a lot of our special AW13 collaboration Chinti + Parker Meets Patternity. I particularly love the black and white grid sweater.

When do you shop? At night on Net-a-Porter or Matches.

Who would you love to wear your clothes? I love Kate Moss, she is still the ultimate British style icon.

Why stars? Stars are a classic motif; they symbolize optimism (American flag), they’re pretty without being girly and there’s something about the way they look with denim.

the Chinti + Parker jumpsuit

the Chinti + Parker jumpsuit

How do you want your wearers to feel? Confident, warm (!) and relaxed – the Chinti woman is someone that loves style, but who wants to feel herself, and not to be hindered or inhibited by her clothing. Simplicity and ease are key.

Where to next? We would love boutiques in key cities across the world, and to be a globally recognised name.

Favourite date night restaurant? Pollen Street Social.

Tell us a secret. The Chinti Christmas Onesie is coming soon!!! (see above)

The Chinti + Parker sample sale is at Notting Hill’s 20th Century Theatre on 4/5 Dec from 9am.  


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