Should we Meep?

the Meep at its sweetie-laden launch

Stand back from the edge.  I bring news directly from the office of Mr Santa Claus.  Come Christmas season, your smalls are going to be asking for a new electronic gadget.  And, having played with it myself, I am going to make my first Christmas gift prediction for the forthcoming merry season.  Disregarding any Nintendo DSi or iTouch you may have previous bought your techy angels, their superhuman pester powers will now be focusing on Oregan Scientfic’s Meep.

other bloggers’ smalls at the launch (mine were at school)

The Meep is the new super cool tablet for small fingers.  Offering amazing apps, a parental-controlled secure access to the Internet and some ultra brilliant accessories (more of which later), my Smalls have felt that Christmas has indeed come early as they made themselves busy reviewing it for my readers.

recently launched Meep

The web-safety element particularly appealed to me.  Let’s face it, their generation can teach us how to play games and navigate new technology.  But I was sold on the idea that I could secretly vet the sites they can see, approve friend requests and prevent them from spending next month’s mortgage in the Meep shop – all from my Mac or iPhone.

The accessories aren’t quite on sale yet in the UK but I have my eye on the piano and drums for forthcoming birthdays….

And one final bonus, they may even reject your iPad back one of these days…

The Meep went on sale today at Oregon Scientific.

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