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Gavin (the Champ)  made me an offer I’d be a fool to turn down.  He offered to train me for 5 days in a row at his gym, GTC Studio, in Swiss Cottage.

He promised all I had to do was turn up, sweat and crawl home.  As you can see from the images below, I did as I was told and felt the burn…


There were four of us in Monday’s class.  We did more jumping squats, burppees, high kicks and planks than I’d care to recall.  The idea of this class is to build power in our legs and arms.  We used weights, steps and jumping.

day one:  full power

day one: full power


The biggest misconception about women and weight training – according to Gavin – is that women are concerned about looking like a body builder.  Instead this lifting session creates lean muscle and a more toned body.

2014-01-21 15.58.57

day two: weights

 Day Three:  (hard) CORE

In the 90s, this class was called Legs/Bums/Tums.  We’re all much tougher now.  But hard core this class is and I really did crawl home…

day three: (hard) core

day three: (hard) core

Day Four:  Yoga (with Magda)

What a relief.  Less sweat and more stretch.  And Gavin is a bit of a fan so he joined in too…

Magda (yoga instructor) helping Gavin half moon

Magda (yoga instructor) helping Gavin half moon

Day Five:  Personal Training/Kick Boxing

Gavin kept his promise – my fifth and final day was gruelling.  I was physically exhausted but he (cunningly) ensured I had no energy to object to his instructions…

day five: kick boxing

day five: kick boxing

If this post has inspired you to train at GTC Studio, BOOK in today! OR call 020 7372 8580 for more info.

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