Tan Organic-ly

Self-tanning and I have never really managed to hit it off.  The danger of orange tide marks, a horrid biscuit smell and stained sheets never seem to appeal.  It’s almost easier to be the palest in a crowd and not even TRY to keep up with those who tan beautifully.

But it’s also the danger of bronzing and the potent self-tan ingredients that convince me to remain pasty.

Tan Organic

However, all that pastiness might have just disappeared.  And, in its place, is a slightly naturally glowing me.  I need to tell you about Tan Organic.

This is oil – a blend of aloe vera, Borage seed, argan and orange peel oil –  hydrates your skin while giving it a good dose of anti-oxidants at the same time.  In fact, it is – readers – the world’s first EVER self-tanning oil and… this is the crucial bit…it happens to be really GOOD for your skin as it contains no synthetic colours, fragrances, preservatives nor parabens.

2014-05-22 09.11.43-2

the mitt comes with the oil. great for pre and post exfoliation.

So I’m a lovely natural toasty colour.

Faux tan just stepped up a whole new level.

Tan Organic £24.99 – the world’s first self-tanning oil – is available from Feel Unique.



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