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It seems that as I’m neither adverse to the ‘wise-lines’ nor tempted by age-reducing surgery, I am now in the minority.  And so, as you can imagine, I didn’t need to look far for a candidate to test a month’s supply of Pure Gold Collagen sent to me for review.  In fact, I found the perfect tester.  She is a huge fan of … well, anything which might make her look younger than her years.  Almost feverishly, she inspected the 50ml vials of this ‘collagen shot’ whilst agreeing to consume a bottle before her breakfast each morning.

The idea of drinking collagen may seem strange to us Brits but the Japanese women have been a fan of this beauty trick for a while. Pure Gold Collagen combines hydrolysed  collagen with hyaluronic acid to deep moisturize the skin and plump the dermis.

My desperately-seeking-youth friend got on well.  The taste was not as bad as I had feared (like a very sweet fruit juice) and before long, the remarks came flooding in.  Had she had more botox?  Had she had her lips filled?  Contemporaries became more and more curious.

By the end of the month, her skin glowed and any fine lines her botox lady had missed were now filled.  With her hair and nails obviously benefiting too, she was quite literally before our eyes looking more youthful by the day.

Pure Gold Collagen can be bought at at £35.99 for a box of 10.



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