The Note Studio: the stationery nirvana

Illustration of blogger-me by Nyla XXX, one of The Note Studio's fairies.

Illustration of blogger-me by Nila Aye , one of The Note Studio’s illustrating fairies.

Yes.  It’s me.  Except, as He kindly pointed out, this cartoon version of me has MUCH slimmer legs.  But the point is that it’s recognisable, a cute caricature and is now, thanks to The Note Studio, printed on some fabulous correspondence cards ready to thank anyone remotely worthy.

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If you haven’t heard of The Note Studio and adore paper stationery even half as much as I do, you need get looking them up.  From invites to wrapping paper and gift tags to moving home notes to Christmas cards, every single vibrant coloured sample I clapped my eyes on was elegant whilst also the right amount of cute in its design.  Andrea Stark, an ex branding designer at Interbrand, founded her Note Studio a couple of years ago and has allowed it to grow organically since.  And right now she (together with her team of fairies who design and illustrate in far off stationery fairyland) is working hard to launch her sparklingly whizzy site, which will allow you to personalise your invitations with your photograph and Andrea’s illustrations – before ordering them along with some matching thank you cards.

stationary junkie, Andrea Stark

stationery junkie, Andrea Stark

And, as soon as Andrea – the 1995 Young Designer of the Year (in New Zealand) – could see that I was over the moon with my very special illlustration of blogger-me, she invited me over to her home. Despite being mid-pack (she and her family are relocating to Sydney – don’t worry, The Note Studio will continue to supply both here and there!), she rustled up a healthy smoothie for us while I interviewed away.

What do you love about stationery?  Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved paper products. My daughter is the same now. I think I’m just one of those people who loves sending and receiving handwritten notes and when they’re written on beautifully designed paper they look special. As much as I love my iPhone, emails and social media networking, I still value that one tradition for things such as invites, thank yous and special messages.


The Note Studio’s digitally printed super cute stationary

How often do you send a snail mail letter/card?  I use note cards about 10 times a month. Whether it be to friends, teachers or my bank…. they’re just handy to have around.

Which card do your kids like best?  My daughter is 9 and my son is 7 but they both love the whales and the alien illustrations, which are coming out on monograms for kids later this year.

Who would you love to send a card to but never have?  My daughter wants to answer this one! She would love to send a note to Harry Styles.

What do you love to buy online?  Mostly clothes for my kids from Boden, J Crew and Zara . Oh and typefaces.

The Note Studio wrapping paper

The Note Studio wrapping paper

How would you describe the non-bespoke side of your business?  The non-bespoke products complement the bespoke ones. People can personalise their invitations and then maybe choose a non-personalised matching item. It’s an area of the business I really want to grow. We launched a wrapping paper over Christmas last year and that was very popular so we’re now rolling out more designs.

If you could design anything, what would it be? A way to travel between Sydney and London in 12 hours.

What inspires you? Daily doses of fashion, photography, international design, kids books and interiors inspire me. I really do just gather ideas for new collections from things I see around me everyday. At the moment I have too many ideas and not enough time to turn them into products. My patient husband will vouch for that. will launch mid 2013 but for now you can buy Andrea’s products on Not On The High Street.

The Note Studio’s fully personalised ‘moving home’ or ‘family Christmas’ card with envelope costs £65.  (smaller qualities also available.)  






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