tracking down Pollyanna Woodward

Pollyanna Woodward is a vivacious, confident TV presenter.  Admired by many for her ambition and drive, she is pretty much always on the go. Currently filming her fourth series for the hugely successful Gadget Show: World Tour on Mondays 8pm on Channel 5, I managed to track down the techy queen:

What drives you? 
Happiness and positivity…….I have to love what I do and who I have in my life.

Socialize in the local pub or social media?
Social media

Gadget or book?
Gadget…I can read books on a gadget

Extreme challenge or relaxing massage?
Extreme challenge……life is for living.

Best techy bit of kit ever invented?
The MP3 player.

The Voice or Britain’s Got Talent?
The Voice

What do you Wannabe?
A Happy Bunny!!

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Positive, vivacious, fun

Ideal TV dinner?
Chilli con carne and rice

Dinner guest?
My Boyfriend

Tell us a secret…..
I write a journal

What is currently on your Culture Compass?
The Pyramids in Egypt

This interview appears on Culture Compass.

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