a posh wax at The Chelsea Day Spa

Chelsea Day Spa, Hollywood Rd SW10

Male readers, you might want to look away.  Unless, of course, you are one of those men who is insatiably curious about female wax appointments.  As a rule, any G.G. (Groomed Girl) will make time in her busy schedule for a regular wax so – as one of these routine-loving beauty creatures – I jumped at the chance to visit The Chelsea Day Spa, 53 Hollywood Road SW10 earlier this week.

With London Film Festival in full swing this week, I needed to dig my legs out of my go-to, lived-in jeans and don a dress in honour of Leicester Square’s red carpet.  As I travelled towards the Fulham Road, I wondered if the routine waxers among us are slightly patronising.  Looking down on those who shave and not able to comprehend those who have been lasered, the routine waxer has a smug air about her.  Playing with at least three hairless weeks and a smooth finish result gives her the distinct advantage she is looking for.  But what I really wanted to find out was how the Sloane wax appointment compares to the North London equivalent.

The Chelsea Day Spa is located on the same road as Honky Tonks – the recently opened bar/restaurant I reviewed a couple of weeks ago.  Doesn’t everything look so different in the daylight and without a cocktail in hand?  The salon itself is clean, fresh, light and perfectly pleasant.  The receptionist asked me to fill in their standard registration form (oh how we all hate forms) and I was surprised to find myself answering questions such as Married?  Children?  How would this affect my waxing, I wondered?

the hot wax pre-melt

ready for the Argo premiere’s red carpet (in a beautiful, loaned Fleur B dress – more of which in next post)

Shugar, my therapist, was clearly a master in the art of waxing.  Small talk was kept to a minimum (thank goodness) and our only meaningful conversation was centred around the benefit of the hot wax (not to be confused with strip wax) for the more sensitive areas.  And now I come to my revelation:  it seems that the girls on Hollywood Road are less demanding in terms of bikini waxing than those visiting the Kings Road branch of The Chelsea Day Spa and most certainly requiring less removal than the NW3 girls.  Who would have thought that the postcodes could bring out such a trend?

Nevertheless, I left a happy customer.  While Shugar had discretely shed light on posher private parts, she had also returned me to my former hairless self, ready to strut my stuff alongside Ben Affleck at the Argo premiere.

My half leg & bikini wax at The Chelsea Day Spa would have cost £47.  The salon is offering 20% off all strip waxing until 31/11/12.

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